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Replacement Bathtubs for Los Angeles

When you are looking for a replacement bath installed, count on Easy Kitchen and Bath, the bathroom remodeling contractor with over years of experience! Since 2020, we have been working with homeowners in the Southern California area to create and find the ideal bathrooms for their homes and families. A comfortable and luxurious bath can completely change the feel of your home, so let’s get your project started!

Why Replace Your Los Angeles Bath?

In the Los Angeles area, Easy Kitchen and Bath provides unmatched services when it comes to replacement baths. We will assess your current bathtub to see if a replacement is appropriate for your situation. Some major telltale signs that you should look for to tell if it might be time for a replacement bath are:

  • You have to scrub hard and for a long time to get your tub clean.
  • There are surface and finish cracks throughout the tub.
  • There are stains that may be caused by grime and mildew build-up.
  • A bathtub is no longer the best option for your home situation.

Replacement Baths in Los Angeles Bathrooms

Easy Kitchen and Bath has a variety of options available, including:

  • Replacement baths, showers, or combination units
  • Bath liners and surrounds
  • Shower and bath conversions
  • Shower enclosure installation
  • Accessible walk-in and low entry models

Why Choose Easy Kitchen and Bath for Los Angeles Replacement Baths

At Easy Kitchen and Bath, we have the superior combination of the highest quality craftsmanship and the best quality materials, so we can provide you with the most impressive results. We will also consult with you to find the best plan according to your timeframe and budget for your replacement bath project. We come highly recommended by other local homeowners when it comes to replacement bath services in the Southern California area. Give us a call today at (855) 938-2551 or use our online chat function to start your remodel now. 

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